Introducing S.I.P (Saints In Progress) Corner [For Children ages 5-11]

Coming Sep 13th to your inbox….

The Corpus Christi Children’s Evangelization Ministry is sponsoring the S.I.P (Saints In Progress) Corner. Every weekend a flocknote will be sent out with videos, games and other materials to help children better understand the Sunday’s liturgy of the word. The resources shared are meant to be used by parents to help them bring the Word of God to life to their children.

Other information may be sent out throughout the week such as, bible stories, information about saints, among other things to teach our children about our beautiful Catholic Faith.

We hope that both parents and children find this information edifying as well as fun.

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FROM: THE CORPUS CHRISTI CHILDREN’S EVANGELIZATION MINISTRY Our mission: “To bring Jesus the Christ to our children in thought, word and deed.”