Youth Group


“Love the Lord, your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind: and love your neighbor as yourself.”  Psalm 10:27

The Corpus Christi Catholic Church youth follow Christ’s desire for ministry and discipleship as he asked us to do.

The CC Youth Group participates in numerous activities throughout the year such as, but not limited to: creating appreciation thank you bags for the local SRPD, SRFD, and Knights of Columbus, preparing hygiene bags for local shelters,  assisting with the Christmas wreath project, hosting a donut Sunday event near Valentine’s day, running the Easter egg hunt event, collecting socks for Elijah’s Promise and the Ozanam shelter, making Christmas ornament kits for the SR Food Pantry, participating in Operation Christmas Child, making cutlery sets and lunch bags for Elijah’s Promise, making birthday bags for the SR Food Pantry, making no sew blankets for at risk children, braiding fleece strands as dog/cat toys for the local community, assisting the St. Vincent dePaul and Rosarian Society as needed, and hosting specific item drives for the SR Food Pantry.

The Youth Group is always seeking enthusiastic young adults to participate in the activities, help plan events, and provide spiritual direction and prayers to those in need. It is also a fun place for young people to gather and socialize.  The Youth Group is open to any student from sixth grade onward and they may participate until they graduate from high school. Meetings are held 1-2 times a month in the Church basement normally on Sunday evenings at 6pm. We hope to see you for some fun and fellowship!

For more information about the Corpus Christi Youth Group please contact:

Liz DaSilva Lell