Baptisms are scheduled on the fourth Sunday of every month at 1:00 p.m.
Corpus Christi Parish prepares parents for the Baptism of their child.  A pre-baptism class is required for first time parents and sponsors.  Please call the parish office to register for both. (732-254-1800 Ext. 10)
It is recommended that you choose godparents who will be a real and long-lasting help in the Christian formation of your child.

Sponsor Requirements – Two practicing Catholics need to be selected as sponsors, since they represent the faith community of the Catholic Church.  Sponsors, being “Godparents,” are one male and one female.  There may be one godfather and one godmother, or if necessary, one Catholic sponsor is sufficient.  The Church requires the following for a Catholic to be a sponsor:   Be fourteen years of age, or older; be fully initiated into the Church, having received the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation; Be a practicing Catholic that is, one who is registered in a parish and regularly attends and participates at Mass;  if married, the marriage must be recognized by the Catholic Church as a validly celebrated sacrament.  Sponsors are required to obtain from the pastor of the parish in which they are currently registered, a statement (sponsor certificate) that they are practicing Catholics who have met the above requirements.
We welcome and encourage you to invited your family and friends to attend and to be part of the baptismal ceremony.

Couples planning to be married at Corpus Christi need to make arrangements at least one year in advance of their proposed date of marriage.  There are two types of celebrations – a Nuptial Mass or a ceremony.  Both are celebrated on Saturday at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m.
Required Documents – Prenuptial Inquiry – this form is filled out with the priest or deacon. To help you prepare for marriage you must attend three programs mandated by the Diocese of Metuchen.  F.O.C.C.C.U.S., God’s Plan for Marriage Session and either Marriage Preparation Sessions or Engaged Encounter Weekend.    (Refer to Couple’s Guide to Marriage for information, sessions and registration.
To assist you in exploring your attitudes, feelings, expectations and beliefs about yourselves and the marriage you are planning together, you will have meetings with the priest or deacon.

First Penance, First Communion & Confirmation
Information on these Sacraments is available through the Parish Religous Education Ministry.