Mass Schedule

Revised Mass Schedule for Corpus Christi RC Church South River: Effective June 13-14, 2020

In light of the pandemic and the need to sanitize and make our worship gathering safe as possible, the Sunday Mass schedule will resume with the following minor adjustments:

  1. Confessions will be heard from 3:30pm to 4:30pm every Saturday outdoors by the Grotto in back, lower church weather permitting. If the weather is inclement then the lower church will be utilized, and a sign posted on the lower church door. As during the pandemic, I’m always available through an appointment if convenient or needed for any individual. At this time, we are not permittedto use the confessional in church.
  2. Mass Times for Sunday:
    • Saturday Vigil Mass: 5pm as customary. This Mass will be livestreamed for those who for health or other reasons cannot attend Sunday Mass at this time.
    • Brazilian/Portuguese Vigil Mass at 7pm at the Grotto weather permitting, lawn chairs permitted but social distancing required both for seating and communion line (six feet apart). If weather is not suitable, Mass is inside the church. Currently the church can have 110 people attend. Ushers will need count folks attending and entering at the front doors only.
      On the weekends, the side doors of the church are not be used for entering or exiting at anytime so we can control the crowd numbers.
    • Sunday Masses: 8am at the Grotto (Lawn chair Mass). If weather is not clement, we will have Mass inside the church. The 8:30am Mass is now officially changed to 8am throughout the year.
    • Sunday 10am (inside)
    • Sunday 11:30am – Portuguese Mass. This time was adjusted to allow for sanitizing the church after the 10am Mass.
    • Sunday 3pm Sung Traditional Latin Mass (inside)
    • Sunday 5pm (inside)

A few observations and practical suggestions:
Bishop Checchio has suspended the canonical obligation to attend Sunday Mass until further notice because of the pandemic. However, I must remind everyone that the precept to observe Sunday as “The Day of the Lord or the Christian Sabbath,” means that we are still required to make the day holy whether we attend Mass or not at this time. Some time-honored practices include: praying together as a family or with others as in the Holy Rosary, watch Mass live streamed together, read and prayerfully recollect upon the Sunday Mass readings, practice charity, engage in some spiritual reading, rest from servile labor, etc.

Weekday Mass schedule remains the same.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
7:30 a.m.

Confessions prior to the Wednesday TLM Mass will be held at the Grotto weather permitting or the lower church starting at 5pm and ending at 5:45pm.
6:15 p.m. Low Mass

If an individual has serious health related issues, they might want to attend a weekday Mass versus a Sunday Mass.
Any questions, comments, please contact me at 732-254-1800, ext. 18.

In the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Fr. Damian Breen

Daily Holy Rosary (6 PM, Weather Permitting)
There is a General Invitation to during the Month of May, with Pope Francis to Pray the Holy Rosary, Father Damien will meet before the beautiful tableaus of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary each day at 6pm for those who would like to pray together each day, weather permitting, while observing social distancing. Our parish campus invites us with it’s beauty and with its wonderful shrine that remind us of our Good Shepherd and of the Help and the Love of the Blessed Mother who we honor in a special way, during this month of May. She who is the queen of the Holy Rosary, the Refuge of Christians, and the Great Comfort of the Afflicted.

Reminder – Our church is open daily from 6:30am – 7:30pm (except Saturdays between 3:30pm – 5:00pm) for anyone who would like to come in to pray or just sit in silence with the Lord. Please use the side door and follow social distancing guidelines.