Garden Angels


As Garden Angels, we desire to be good stewards of God’s House and the property surrounding it. We want our church home to be inviting and welcoming to all who may pass by and come to enjoy the activities here.

Garden Angels volunteer time and resources to beautify the landscaping around the church buildings. We plan, plant, and weed with the goal of beautiful landscape year-round and a continuous flow of flower blooms and color. No “green thumb” or special gardening skills are required, just the desire to help. We meet twice a year to get the grounds ready for Spring and Fall, but work independently the rest of the time.

The joy of the Lord and the beauty of His creation will hopefully be evident from the work of our hands. Volunteers are always welcome!

For more information, contact Eileen Swenticky at, 732-238-5893 or Eliana @ 732-770-8245