Forever home for Joe Alves’ Dog Duke

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Dear Parishioners,
Last week Joe Alves our maintenance man for many years at Corpus Christi passed away. Please keep him in your prayers.

He has left behind his beloved dog Duke.

Duke is an 11-year-old male, medium sized with a few extra pounds. He is sweet and prefers being the only pet if possible. He loves being petted and doted on. A treat also goes a long way!

Duke was Joe’s faithful companion and now he is ready to give all his love to a new forever family. Would you consider adopting him?

If interested, please call the parish office and leave your name and number 743-254-1800 ext. 10

Daily Holy Rosary

Daily Holy Rosary (6 PM, Weather Permitting)

There is a General Invitation, during the Month of May, with Pope Francis to Pray the Holy Rosary. Father Damien will meet before the beautiful tableaus of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary each day at 6pm for those who would like to pray together each day, weather permitting, while observing social distancing. Our parish campus invites us with it’s beauty and with its wonderful shrine that remind us of our Good Shepherd and of the Help and the Love of the Blessed Mother who we honor in a special way, during this month of May. She who is the queen of the Holy Rosary, the Refuge of Christians, and the Great Comfort of the Afflicted.

Parishioners Praying while Social Distancing